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Meet Our Staff!


The dental office team comprises several essential components, each playing integral roles in the seamless and efficient functioning of a dental practice. In addition to the dentists and dental hygienists, our team includes dental assistants and front office staff, collectively dedicated to delivering comprehensive patient care.

Dental assistants operate within the back office, where they provide invaluable support to dentists and hygienists during dental procedures. Their responsibilities encompass a wide array of tasks aimed at enhancing the efficiency of patient treatment. These include patient preparation for examinations, capturing essential X-ray images, ensuring instrument sterilization and room sanitation, taking impressions, and contributing to the creation of dentures. Furthermore, they excel in the communication of treatment procedures and work tirelessly to ensure patient comfort throughout the entirety of their dental visit.


On the other hand, our front office staff takes charge of appointment scheduling, treatment coordination, patient record management, and handles all matters related to insurance and billing. Their expertise allows them to address any queries or concerns you may have pertaining to treatment planning, appointment scheduling, insurance coverage, and financial arrangements. They are here to provide comprehensive support and guidance throughout your entire experience at our dental practice.


anna .jpeg
Lead Dental Assistant
Lorenz photo.jpeg
Assistant Office Manager

In her capacity as Lead Dental Assistant, Anna not only exemplifies a profound commitment to the profession but also ensures the seamless day-to-day operations of our back office, contributing significantly to our practice's overall success.


Her profound knowledge, professionalism, and attention to detail have earned her the trust and respect of both our dental team and our patients. She has been with our office since April 2017.

Lorenz joined our team in November 2022, initially serving as a Front Office Receptionist.


Recognizing his exceptional commitment, leadership qualities, and dedication to excellence, he seized the opportunity to advance his career within our organization, assuming the role of Assistant Manager.


Lorenz's remarkable work ethic, attention to detail, and profound knowledge of patient accounts, insurance procedures, and appointment management have made him an indispensable asset to our team.

analy .jpeg
Dental Assistant
Front Desk Receptionist
& Dental Assistant

Since joining our practice in November 2021, Analy has consistently demonstrated her commitment to the field of dentistry.


She adeptly supports our dental practitioners in conducting thorough patient examinations and various treatment procedures.


Her dual-language capabilities contribute to a more inclusive and patient-centered approach, fostering a welcoming environment for all individuals seeking dental care.

Brianna is an invaluable member of our team, holding a dual role as a cross-trained Receptionist and Dental Assistant.


Her journey into the field of dentistry was preceded by academic achievement, having graduated from Carrington College in 2022.


Her extensive professional experience encompasses a diverse range of dental settings, including pediatrics and corporate offices. Prior to venturing into the dental field, Brianna established a solid foundation in customer service, which has greatly enriched her ability to provide exceptional patient care.

luis photo.jpeg
Lab Technician 
& Dental Assistant
Front Desk Associate

Introducing Luis, our esteemed Lab Technician and Dental Assistant, who plays a crucial role in our practice by collaborating closely with Dr. Nguyen to craft and restore dental appliances, including Partial Dentures, Complete Dentures, Immediate Dentures, Flippers, and more.


Luis's proficiency in this specialized area of dental care ensures the highest quality and precision in the creation and maintenance of these vital components. He has been with our office since February 2021.

With a decade of dental expertise, Diana, a Valley Career College graduate (2009), seamlessly transitioned from California to Arizona in 2016.


As a cross-trained and bilingual professional, Diana ensures effective communication and superior patient care, contributing to her positive presence within our team.


Beyond dentistry, Diana, the "nap queen," adds humor and personality to our workplace. Her proficiency, experience, and unique qualities contribute to La Cholla Dental Group's success.

Thank you, Diana, for your commitment to exceptional dental care. We're privileged to have you as a valued team member.

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